Makar sankranti Significance In Bharat

'Makar sankranti Significance, 

1.Makar sankranti It's Festival people celebrate every village and city of Bharat it Significance changes in the crop Season generally It come on 14/15 January of Every Year . In every state people called it from Different Name

In the north We called it Makar Sankranti

Why we Call Makar Shankrantir in the North 

'its Journey of Sun From Sourthen to Northern Homispaire and it considered  a Auspicious Time for Farmers , 

There is List Of Some of state where People called it from different Name 

While Celebrating this Festive it's Proud Moment of every Citizen of Country 

1.Makara Sankranti: Andhra Pradesh 

Makara Sankranti it's 4 Days Festival people celebrate this lot of Enthusiasm. Family Come there and get together celebrate this Lot of Sweet and Exchange in the traditional Way .


The Traditional and Celebrate Each Day are totally different and 3 Day are totally vegetarian food is allow on the day of mikkanuma people are allow to eat non veg they Sacrificed animal for God .

2.Sakraat or Khichdi in the Bihar and Jharkhand :

There is 2 days Festival in the Bihar . Where people of Bihar and Jharkhand they take holy dip in the river water in the early morning then have bonfire into they offer same Seeds . Very Nice food prepared with Seed and Jeggery. All the women of villages come together and have some related and Celebrate this festive togather they cook 

3.Uttarayan -Gujrat

It's Festival makar Sankranti celebration happen ther at levish scale in the Gujarat this State also Organised a state level kite competition festival people live at there home after the prayer in the morning. Enjoy their kite on the trace with the kite there are other game also plann for the same day
People celebrate this festival with excitement and they exchange the sweet in each other home .

4.Megha Saaj -Himachal

If we this Saaj it Local native word of Himachal which mean megha is the Mane of month Sun- Sign it's commence of coming Festival where people get idea that signal of season people welcome with excitement they take holy dip in the river . Some of people go their near by Village and exchange the sweet like chikki khichdi and ghee each . Some people visit temple and pray there and in the evening they celebrate with folk Dance 

As people in this Country they Celebrate this Festive with lot of happiness and excitement this festive people feel that it's beginning of season