Bihar Politics Crisis-Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As Bihar Chief Minister


Nitish Kumar Takes Oath As Bihar Chief Minister.

Bihar Politics crisis

Nitish Kumar, who was uniting the Opposition to take on BJP until yesterday, took oath as Bihar Chief Minister today with BJP as the new alliance partner.

Bihar Political Crisis :
JD(U) president Nitish Kumar, who took oath as Chief Minister of Bihar for a record ninth time on Sunday after a dramatic volte-face, asserted that there is now no question of him going anywhere else, leaving the NDA-fold.

Kumar was sworn in by Bihar Governor Rajendra Arlekar at Raj Bhavan here, hours after he resigned from the post, saying "things were not working well" for him in the Grand Alliance and the opposition bloc INDIA.

"I was with them (NDA) earlier, too. We went on different paths, but now we are together and will remain so... I came back to where I was (NDA), and now there is no question of going anywhere else,” the 72-year-old leader told reporters after taking oath as the CM.

He said a total of eight people took oath on Sunday as ministers, and names of the remaining ones will be decided soon.

BJP leaders - Samrat Choudhary and former Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha - will be the deputy chief ministers, Kumar said.

Kumar also said he was committed to the development of Bihar.

Bihar Politics: NCP chief Sharad Pawar
Whatever happened in Patna, such a situation was never seen before in such a short period of time...I remember it was Nitish Kumar who had called all the non-BJP parties to Patna...His role was also similar but what happened in the last 10-15 days that he left this ideology and today he joined BJP and formed the government...In the last 10 days, it did not seem that he would take such a step. On the contrary, he was playing a role against BJP. Don't know what happened suddenly, but the public will definitely teach him a lesson for his role in future